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Students, an untapped market?

August 7, 2017 | Michael Hodnett

Students, an untapped market? hero

Blog / Students, an untapped market?

Away from work, the average person spends 30 days a year doing household tasks.

Like the hairs in your nose, one’s to-do list only gets longer as you move through life. Tasks such as gardening, walking the dog and finding a babysitter become a weekly effort and can get in the way of more important things like spending time with friends.

With the ever-increasing pace of 21st century life, people have less time and are becoming more willing to spend money on outsourcing their tasks to home service providers. However, such providers are often expensive and inflexible with many contractors requiring a commitment to regular work.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, one option would be to put your social life on pause, spend less time with your children and while away your spare time doing chores. But… is that really an option? Perhaps yes, because currently there is no easy and affordable way to get such tasks done.

Something worth considering is that students spend only 14 hours a week doing timetabled study and are always in need of money. This makes them a readily available task force that could be of assistance to anyone looking to get jobs done affordably. Yes, it’s true – they can be messy. But, pay them a tenner and watch them turn into the domesticated angels their parents always envisaged.

Amongst the student body you will find a full range of knowledge, skills and attributes – so whatever the task, there will always be someone who can help you.

We hope that uWork will make this untapped market easily accessible to those looking for help with any task. By doing so, we hope to free up your schedule so you can spend more time doing the things in life that really matter.