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Studentification - the conflict between town and gown

July 23, 2017 | James Falconer

Studentification - the conflict between town and gown hero

Blog / Studentification - the conflict between town and gown

The sharing economy will bridge the divide between students and the local community.

Studentification is the process of social, environmental and economic change caused by large numbers of students moving to a particular area. This phenomenon disrupts the day to day lives of local residents and can lead to divisions between these two demographics.

As students, we know that we can sometimes be loud and disorderly, which is why it’s no surprise that this is how the wider community tend to see us. But, there is so much more to being a student and we want to change this perception!

With trust at it’s core, we believe that the sharing economy could bridge this divide and bring helping one another to the forefront of the way students and local residents connect.

It shouldn’t be the case that the only time you speak to the ‘locals’ living next door is to let them know that you’re having a party. And there is no reason why your neighbour shouldn’t come knocking if they need help with their computer or help moving some furniture.

It’s obvious that there is the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship between town and gown, but there is currently no platform to help facilitate this. We hope that uWork will facilitate this connection and make it easy for local residents to outsource everyday tasks to students who are in need of money and have the time to help.