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The sharing economy - helping uWork

July 15, 2017 | James Falconer

The sharing economy - helping uWork hero

Blog / The sharing economy - helping uWork

Uber is the largest taxi company but owns no taxis.

Airbnb is the largest accommodation provider but owns no homes.

uWork will become the largest work provider without providing any work.

As little as five years ago, inviting a stranger to stay in your home would have been considered risky – but now we have Airbnb.

Similarly, from a young age you are told not to climb into a stranger’s car – yet we have Uber.

The world is becoming more connected every day: people that were once strangers are now potential service providers or hosts for a night.

These platforms are part of the sharing economy, or gig economy, an online ecosystem enabling individuals to share their services and assets with others.

The sharing economy is growing at more than 10 times the rate of the wider economy and isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. Its extraordinary growth can be attributed to numerous factors: the increasing number of mobile devices, the appeal of flexible working hours and the growing acceptance of online social interaction.

uWork is part of the sharing economy and is the first platform in the UK that facilitates the outsourcing of ANY task. Whether it’s clearing the garden or flyering for an event, uWork will help you get the job done.

By enabling people to outsource these tasks to university students we hope to bridge the divide that exists between students and their local community.

uWork is excited to be entering this rapidly growing market with an innovative platform that will genuinely help people and make their lives more enjoyable.